Sand Mixer Muller

Our heavy duty Sand Muller fulfill the modern requirements of sand preparation with increased rotary speed and adjustable pressure which creates best condition for all types of sand.... More

Intensive Mixer

Intensive sand mixer is specially designed for mixing core sand and similar materials. The s type impellers are fabricated and hard spot welded. The wear plates are exchangeable.... More

Core Sand Mixer

Core Sand Mixer is a high efficiency mixers capable of high mixing intensity and low resin consumption. It is a compact design offering all of the such as improved core release, harder core edges, smoother sand flow in the core box, less cleaning etc.... More

Geared Ladle

This geared ladle offers greater safety and ergonomics over the Hand Tilt Ladles. It provides 90-degree rotation in as little as 2 revolutions for the hand wheel.The self-locking gearing stops the .... More

Ladle Handler

Made out MS. Fabricated flats for guide and a gearbox fitted with Rack and Pinion Ratchet arrangement and manually operated..... More

Ladle Pre Heater

We hold expertise in offering ladle pre- heater (oil fired, diesel fired, gas fired) in capacity of 100 kgs to 50 ton. This is generally used for removing moisture to avoid formation of gas/reaction with liquid metal. These are designed depending ...More


Core Knock-Out Machine is air powered to remove sand and cores from non-ferrous castings as well as rattling ceramic from investment castings. Impact blows are controlled from light vibration to heavy hammering..... More

Polygonal Siever

polygonal sieve is specially designed for sieving the foundry return mesh is used for sieving of the sand over the rotary drum type siever frame for longer life.the receiving chute is designed in such a way that the sand will not get struck in anyway....... More

Hanger Type Shot Blasting Machine

These machines are most suitable for small and medium size of jobs like: Gears castings Forgings, Fabricated jobs etc. Since the shots are impinged from top and bottom side and the hanger with components rotate about its own axis, ......More

Swing Table Shot Blast Machine

Swing Table Single Door Our Swing Table Single Door machines are universal type single door machine wherein any variety of components can be loaded on the table either manually or with lifting mechanism. The shot firing being only from top side jobs .i.e,....More

Rotary Sand Drier

Rotary sand drier is specially designed to improve the quality of sand which ultimately reflects in quality and economy of castings. Moisture is removed from sand effectively.The drum body is specially designed to withstand high temperature of firing unit. ...... More

Mould Track Line

In this mould box line is installed in various modles depending up on the factoury plant layout so when you are change the moulding track layout it can be done easly and when ever need any kind of services we can contrbute the sevices.....More

Snagging Grinder

Ganesh snagging grinder is designed rigidly and precisely. Main shaft is rotated in double row ball bearings. The shaft can take both heavy radial and axial loads.More

Skip Charger

Skip ChargerSkip charger for sand mixer Muller consists of a bucket fitted with wheels, self standing runway structures, winch mechanism with drive unit, top and bottom stop limit switches, magnetic brake ......More

Swing Frame Grinder

swing frame grinder is a rugged heavy duty grinder with full lateral and angular movement for use in Foundries and steel mills. The medium and small sizes can be tilted through 90. 10" -24" wheel specifications are available.More

Tumbling Barrel

This machine is fabricated with thick plates, flats and channels. The v –belt pulley is provided on one side of barrels. The main shaft is rotated in oil lubricated bush bearing. The barrel is driven through v-belts so jerks are avoided,.....More