Drum Trolleys

We offer a comprehensive range of drum trolleys. These drum trolleys are used for carrying closed containers and partially filled drum.The whole process of loading, transporting and unloading is a one-man operation involving less effort and nomianl time... More

Drum Lifting Stackers

The rim grip drum lifter handles steel drum styles without complicated adjustments or exchanging attachments. Drums are raised and transported simply by engaging the screw operated rim clamp.Raise drum hydraulically with a foot operated hydraulic pump..... More

Drum Tilter

Drum tilters that holds drums securely during pick up, movement, and discharge operations. Each ergonomically designed lifter permits precise rotation, from the vertical to the horizontal plane and beyond, for controlled pouring and dumping........ More

Platform Trolleys

Platform trolleys are being used by the customers for different purposes. We offer platform trolleys in different sizes and dimensions for meeting the specific demands of the clients. ....... More